REVelation reverb only 32 bit ?

I have Cubase Artist 6.5 64 bit installed and the REVelation convolution reverb doesn’t show up. Roomworks
does and works fine. A search of my drives and VST folders shows no REVelation either.

So… any explanation why I don’t have REVelation in my Cubase and any fix ? Is it simply that
it isn’t in Artist, or doesn’t show up in 64 bit Cubase because its a 32bit app ?


Sorry, typo, I think the convolution reverb I’m talking about and thought was bundled in Cubase is “REVerence” eand not “REVelation”.

Don’t know about REV being unavailable in Artist, but it certainly shows up in C6.5 on my 64 bit machine. I think it is VST3 so the files are not where and what you think.

REVerence is the convolution reverb and is exclusive to Cubase. REVelation is the new algorithmic reverb and should show up in Artist as well, regardless of whether you’ve got the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the application installed.