REVelation, REVerence presets non-existant

after reading the documentation, i’m left w/the impression that clicking the ‘browse’ button on the reverb should call up a window that lists a bunch of pre-existing presets for the reverbs included in cubase pro. this isn’t working for me ; the window pops up, but there are no presets at all. :open_mouth: they aren’t available for either of the ‘rev’ reverbs.

i know this isn’t much to go on, but does anyone have any idea what could be wrong here ?


If there is a red bar in the preset chooser window reset the search filter with the back arrow icon in the browse window.

If not…maybe you missed installing them somehow…only running an update installer and not a full version (though you would probably notice other missing content in this case)…you could try to download and run the full installer from MySteinberg

thanks, grim. i finally figured this one out.

i was running out of space on my c: drive, so i moved all of the steinberg content to my library disk. there’s an xml file in the user appdata folder that tells cubase where to find the content, and i edited that to reflect the new location of the presets. unfortunately, that did nothing. :confused: it appears the content location is hard-coded, and cubase silently ignores the path info in the xml file… :imp: i eventually solved the problem by creating shortcuts from the user content on my library disk to the standard install folder on my c: drive. voilà, now the presets are found.