Revelation - why no low cut?

Revelation, beautiful. Gorgeous, even. Especially those “Scoring Stage” presets.

But why no “low cut” option in the tail section?
We have one in the ER section.


So if we want to high pass the reverb, we’re forced to use it as a send, see… so we can slap on a high-pass filter after it.

While it’s not a true low cut, You can lessen the tail across the hi/low frequency based on time - using the controls at the top.

So, To create similar to a low cut i guess taking the low time to -100% and then use the low frequency dial to establish the threshold of the cut would be close.

It’s quite interesting for sculpting the tail in that way. But, I can see the advantage of having a true low cut added as you point out - as it’s more brickwall than what you can do within the plugin itself which helps in a mix context better.

But for me personally, i always place reverbs on sends and also prefer to make cuts/passes within the channel strip, purely as it’s in my view as a comparison to the other tracks when i open the mixer.

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That is a nice option, lowering and raising the time of the high and low tails.

It’s really quite a flexible verb, I think, and sounds great. I can’t see a reason why they’d leave the low cut out of the tail, of course. But yea, the simple solution is to put it on a send. I just happened to be messing with it on a track to add some quick room vibe - which, of course, is an inefficient use of CPU resources, but ok by me when I have the CPU overhead available. Plus if I just want to do that to a sound and print it, or offline process it, that would be nice too, but impossible if I need to low cut the verb tail.

So I guess we have a feature request then.

To be fair, i used to always build a project up and have tracks with their own reverb inserts and then go back through and make the project more ‘efficient’ by removing them and recreating sends in their place. lol

But then i saw a shortcut to add a send and the FX channel in one click in Cubase and i love it. Don’t know i you’re aware of it but it’s a handy tip:-

Which poses the other question, how do you actually submit this as a feature request?. :slight_smile:

I think the mods have said in the past to add the ‘feature request’ tag to the post and then hope people vote for it. …which is great, if you’ve not ran out of votes!

I have 2 left, and seen at least 5 things i’d like to vote for in the past few days. Perhaps Steinberg will sell us some loot crates soon. haha.

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Hmm, i’m just getting used to this new system. Didn’t know you could tag a feature request. In the past I think it was moved to some “feature request” section. But hell, this isn’t a feature request, just put the damn lo cut on there and let’s call 'er good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip. I do use those from time to time, but I typically work with a template - one that’s so darn confusing and built-out that to add yet another FX channel to an existing channel seems like near overkill most of the time to me, and yet it’s almost easier than using the template. So I suppose I’m off to rethink my template again now.