Reverb A / Reverb B Plugins

I got Cubase 9 Pro, and i have Jbridge.
I know the Reverb A and Reverb B plugins are from SX3.
I have some projects old still with these plugins.
I know they dont work.

But in C9 Pro are there any plugins that do the same as Reverb A and Reverb B ?
Maybe they have developped into Steinberg Reverb plugins in C9 ?
Or what to use ?
Maybe a stupid question ?
Is there a way to still work with Reverb A and Reverb B ?

Yes. Run them in SX3. In newer Cubase versions…No!

That is funny, i knew that also.
Still i dont have SX3 as dongle for cubase anymore.
I do have C5, C8pro and C9pro.
Thx for the answer…

Well you do have 4 Reverbs to choose from. Roomworks and Roomworks SE are one that are less sophisticated but quite useable and probably relate more to Reverb’s A and B. I do not use them at all.

Reverence and Revelation are a different kettle of fish. Reverence is a convolution reverb and can re-produce some exceptionally realistic spaces. There are quite a number of free reverb convolution IR’s out there. More flexible perhaps is Revelation which is an algorithmic reverb and really rather flexible. To be honest I need to explore them a bit.

I am afraid that I use Aether, B2, Fabfilter Pro R and a number of UAD Reverbs.

Actually, you do…Your current dongle/license will run SX3 and you can download it here:

Not really what you’re after I’m sure, but maybe gives the option of at least auditioning the effects to be able to choose something similar in C9 or perhaps rendering to audio if you really wanted to…I would probably just forget they existed and use current plugs.
Thx mate, that is really intresting!

Yes, i was then at that time fund of Reverb A and B. So i used it on a project that i am converting to C9pro to work on.
It was an SX3 project, so Reverb A en Reverb B appeared in C9pro as not there (yes i use Jbridje for my 32 bit plugins.
Also i am fund of plugins that are written earlier, they tend to have very low processor time…
Thx! I am helped…

BTW this FTP is very intresting also… THX

I’m browsing quickly this morning, and I could be wrong, but weren’t those DX plugins?

If for some reason you want to try using dx plugins in a modern DAW I think there are some plugins that will host them. It’s pretty old stuff, so I don’t know if it comes in 64bit VST format (but you do have jBridge). Oh well, A quick search turned up this one:

thanks…i found patch maker

Download SX, open your old project, mixdown just the reverb tracks and then import them as audio into your Cubase 9 project.

And make impulse responses while you are at it.
Then use a convolution reverb in the future.

No they where VST plugins from Steinberg SX3. VST i still have them, bus only work in SX3.

Thanks for that, i was just really finding out if these plugins Reverb A and Reverb B did somehow survive, ques they are obsolete.
I know, i was a long time ago. But the drop of 32bit plugins and now must use Jbrigde in C9pro is really hurting my old projects.

Yes I get it, I moved to 64bit many years ago and lost access to some wonderful plugins.
That’s the price of using relatively cheap computer fx compared to hardware fx, the software gets outdated and unsupported, the hardware usually lasts alot longer.
Best of luck finding replacements for them, If you can’t find anything with the onboard Reverbs, I would suggest having a look at

Well i managed my projects in Cubase SX3 and C6 very well. All in directory’s samples and presets included. I was also able with some workarounds to get them to C9 (one project now, the one i am working on).

I had used , Battery 3 and Hypersonic 1.1 (all 32 bit plugins).
Now i use Groove Agent 4 and Halion 6.

I managed to have all these plugins working with C9.
And i transferred the project form C6 to C9.
Resampled Drums into Groove Agent.
Resampled all samples into Halion 6.

It was great fun to do…
And all is working…

So actually there is only Reverb A and Reverb B missing because they do not exist anymore.
The rest of the 32 bit plugins i use Jbridge, working OK.
And offcource C9, H6, WL9 and GRA4!

So far i am quite happy!

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I use C8.5Pro - Reverbs A and B both work fine, however C9 probably wont accept the old 32bit plugins, which is a shame since sometimes it’s not how new or sophisticated a plugin is - it’s just how well you can make use of it.

Denis van der Velde wrote‬

“‪Yes I get it, I moved to 64bit many years ago and lost access to some wonderful plugins”…”Best of luck finding replacements for them, If you can’t find anything”…”I had used , Battery 3 and Hypersonic 1.1 (all 32 bit plugins).‬”

‪NI released a 64 bit versions of Battery 3 quite some time ago. V3.0.6 for PCs and V3.1.1 for Mac. Still accessible via the Service Center or Native Access apps.‬ Hypersonic 2 can still be used with JBridge or 32 Lives. I couldn’t give up Hypersonic 2 and went the 32 Lives route (I’m on a Mac) and it works just fine. But not before I got Steinberg to issue a new HALion 6 authorization to restore the Hypersonic 2 license…which was wiped out after authorizing the initial release of HALion 6.