Reverb as return track?

I got a reply in forum regarding lead sounds
that i could use a reverb as a return track and sidechain it from the dry signal of the track. It was supposed to give me nice tails without muddiness. How exactly could i do this in cubase? Would just having a compressor on my reverb sidechained from the dry track do this for me?

Thankful for any advice

I would personally setup and Fx Buss with your reverb first Insert slot and use the Steinberg stock compressor on the second ( which to me is still the best for side chaining ) .
Via the Send connect the Lead track with the Fx buss and side chain from the lead sound to the Stock compressor . to open the stock comp side chain , just click on the SC option with Alt at the same time and choose your inputs and adjust.
Don’t forget to EQ the reverb to stop a muddy mix

This one is available in the channel strip processing as well. Already there.

I suggest to use level automation on the FX track instead.

Thanks i know but you then have to click on the SC and Edit buttons to open the compressor anyway ,so it’s easier to use an insert IMO but now the OP has a choice

I haven’t tried to control the reverb from my lead sounds before. Maybe you get more control by automating the reverb as you say. Still i would like to try the parameters in the compressor, maybe they can help me get control over the reverb.

Great i will try this way, thank you for a detailed explenation. :heart_eyes::pray:

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Hello, I can complement the answer that Filterfreq gave you with this video. It is relative old, but very illustrative imo. What you achieve with the side chain: when the vocal sounds loud, it turns down the reverb, thanks to the compressor, so that you hear more reverb when the vocal sound quiet.

And I emphasize what already was said: don’t forget to eq the reverb.

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This is exactly what i needed, thank you very much :pray:

And just yesterday a new video of Chris was published on another channel, Sonicscoop. Starting at minute 5:40 you can see an option of the reverb Super Plate from Soundtoys. This plug-in has controls for an “auto-decay” feature, serving for a similar goal you are pointing. But, if you don’t own the plug-in, just do it the manual way, as explained above, and you will for sure achieve good results, after tweaking the compressor parameters and send level. I find it very good as exercise, too.