Reverb Ducking

Can we get reverb ducking as explained here?

Is there no sidechain functionality for compression in Cubasis?

Hi @MattiasNYC,

Sidechain support has been added in Cubasis 3.3.

Hope that helps!


@MattiasNYC how does this relate to my question? I’m new to recording.

I thought you were saying that Cubasis doesn’t have this functionality. If you’re asking how to do it there are probably other people that can help you better (I’m on Nuendo).

But basically I would imagine it’s the same process as in the video you posted, just that you click somewhat different buttons. You put your reverb on an FX track insert and put the compressor after the reverb in the same FX track. You then use a send to get signal to the reverb FX track, and you use another send (?) to get signal to the compressor’s side-chain input. You have to then make sure the compressor uses side-chain and not just works as it usually does.

I have no idea how to do that with Cubasis @LSlowak