Reverb extends too long at end of song

Hi. I am using the ‘everlasting room’ reverb setting in the Cubase Reverb on a track. It works well for what I want, the problem is that the effect lasts for many seconds after the song ends, it is still going, and then suddenly cuts out when the end of the time is reached.

I want to do a more graceful ‘fade out’ of the effect so that it fades out in time and doesn’t suddenly cut out when the end of the song timestamp is reached.

Is there a way to fade out this effect like you would an audio file?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi, you can either render the audio and add a fade, or automate the reverb level.

Hi Louis, thanks for responding, I’m sure I tried the rendering option and it didn’t work but now I read your post, of course it makes sense, it should work! Let me try that this evening and just confirm…

I don’t know much about effects automation, so I will try the rendering option first…

My recommendation would be to learn about [effects] automation. It’s really not very hard, and is an incredibly useful tool to know about for many purposes. Even for your specific use-case, while rendering audio (and fading that out) will work, it also means that every time you change a parameter in your reverb plugin, you’ll have to re-render the audio. Using automation doesn’t have that issue.

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