Reverb in 12Pro, compare with SeventhHeaven Pro?

I am getting an upgrade to 12Pro, I want a good reverb that handles early/late reflections. Is this something that 12Pro can do? How is it compared to Seventh Heaven Pro?

Maybe worth watching this (there are other similar vids too). Then you can judge for yourself. I’ve no experience with Seventh Heaven, so cannot comment on that. :slight_smile:

Seventh Heaven Pro is an emulation of the Bricasti M7 reverb unit. It has been developed using dynamic convolution technology and is remarkably close to the real thing. We have a Bricasti unit in the studio as well as a copy of SHP. They’re not 100% identical but they’re very, very close and we use the two interchangeably.
The reverbs in Cubase 12 Pro aren’t bad (well, two of them anyway) and they’re certainly usable but I wouldn’t put them in the same class as SHP.


Great, thanx!
The possibility to use more or less early/late reflections to place vocals and instruments far or back, is that something usefull? I guess it is. How about comparing the Pro with the cheaper SH-version, is there any large advantage? I am trying to save some cash. I have used the Roomworks before and its no good, sounds like a bathroom.

Thanx! It was usefull. Its clear that Roomworks is low quality and thats my experience to, thats why I look for a better reverb. Is there a good rewiev of the compressors available in Cubase too?

Glad it was useful. Maybe try this one for Compressors? :slight_smile:

“… sounds like a bathroom” :smile:

That’s a pretty good description of Roomworks.
If you’re on a budget SH non-pro is a decent option. Fewer controls and presets but still sounds good.

EDIT: Since you’re asking about reflections there is a control on SH standard which allows a balance between early / late reflections.

That highly depends on the settings. It is usable in some situations. Sure, no high end reverb.

REVerence is an impulse response based reverb. Maybe you should check out this before you buy something. And there are some pretty free reverbs around. (Valhalla, Variety of Sound, )

Even the pre-sets are terrible. I have tried Revalation and its another world.

I personally don’t rate the reverbs in Cubase highly. Reverence is perfectly fine if you’re looking for an IR reverb, but for algorithmic reverb, there are just so many better options, some free. But when you then move up to companies like Exponential Audio, Relab Development, Liquidsonics, you’re in a completely different world of quality IMHO.

Reverence and Revelation are both very good quality and can do surround (Revelation up to 7.1, Reverence up to 4.0 with the delivered SR impulses). So the adaequate product would be seventh heaven professional for $299. If you need surround capabilities, that’s the league.
If you only need stereo, I highly recommend to take a listen to Relab’s Sonsig Rev-A.

Thanx, I bought SH-Pro, it just seems like the very best. There is a youtube review they compare with valhalla and cubase reverb, its in a league of its own, emasing sound. Even if you feed it with very dry drumsounds you get natural ambience and its just great.

Here is a link to the review of SHP
(LiquidSonics - Seventh Heaven Professional - Mixing With Mike Plugin of the Week - YouTube)

I need to learn. If you have several guitarrs you want to put them on a single bus with one reverb to “melt them together”. If I do like this I will hav several buses, maybe, with different reverbs. Then if I want to make everything melt together, should I use a single reverb for all these groups? Is this something that people do?

Ummm … sends and FX tracks?

Yes, sorry, I am not a native, I am from Sweden. I try to learn the lingo.
Also I am ignorant, I have made some music but is new att mixing/mastering, please bare with me.
Is it common to use a “last” reverb to bind everything together? What reverb should be the best in this case, it depends offcourse but in generall.

I have downloaded the IR`s from Samplicity and imported them into Reverence. Then I compared the presets with the same ones from Seventh Heaven in a blind test. And for me Reverence won. I am happy about that, because I saved hundreds of Euros.

okay, I can’t adjust as much in Reverence as I can in SH, but the most important settings are there (pre-delay, decay-time) and I always set EQ as a separate plugin on the reverb channel anyway.

I like SHP very much but a single instance on lowest settings eats like 25% of my CPU (i7-4990K)

I have not seen or heard anyone do it like that, no.
Typically you put the reverb on an aux return bus (FX Track in Cubase) and use sends to send from multiple tracks to the same reverb instance.
If you have multiple reverb units on several buses, which is perfectly fine, I would look at other options for gluing all the tracks together such as bus compressors, distortion, tape emulation, etc.