Reverb in Center channel in a Surround/Atmos mix

Hello experienced souls,

Do you use reverb in the center channel, except for dialogue reverb?

For example, do you propagate Music/Foley/SFX reverbs into the center channel or, do you keep the center channel only for dialogue and dialogue reverb?

I mix music exclusively, and in this context I do use the center for reverb. In case of orchestra recordings based on a Decca tree the tree’s C-channel is sometimes all that’s fed into it, while the actual mix is done in 4.0 … this makes it a “room-only channel” too, I’d say. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your insight. :purple_heart:

You’re welcome - things might be different when you do AV media work, though.

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Center channel is a must for foley, music… Dialogue reverbs sounds in all surround channels to reproduce the “real” ambient. Foley must sound most times in the same way as dialogues.

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Thank you so much. What about music reverb in center channel where dialogue is present at the same time/before/after?

Center channel should be as free as possible to dialogue. So usually music reverb is not present in it when dialogue occurs. I automate these sends to keep center dialogue channel “clean” for voices if the soundtrack is loud.

Thank you.

If you’re going to deliver to networks for example then you should take a careful look at their delivery requirements. I’ve seen networks here in the US that basically say that there can only be dialog in the center channel, and that dialog may never be allowed in other channels. That means no dialog reverb can be surround, and no music reverb can include the center.

Not a spec I like at all, but it is what it is. Other networks are different of course.

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That makes a lot of sense. Thank you, Mattias.