Reverb not working

I am new to the AX4U. I am trying to apply reverb to my mic input, I have read the setup guide and it seems to be easy just turn the rev send on the channel. I have mine on 100% and the rev input level does not show anything. The other dsp’s work like compression channel inserts. Can anyone help?

In settings change the Post fader send for reverb to something appropriate

Can you provide screenshots?

Thanks for that I will have a look shortly.

I can, I will try Manike’s suggestion first :+1:

tbh, this isn’t a real solution,
since it is better to leave the FX sends post fader to have it level dependent.

It’s still post fader - I’m checking that he’s monitoring the reverb on the correct channel

Ah, OK, you mean appropriate level. Screenshots would really help.

I’ve got mine set to my Event Opals which are my main monitors.

Thanks for the speedy replies guys, but it works now. I am still trying to get my tiny head round this interface, my experience over the last 10 years was with the Focusrite liquid saffire 56. So this unit is quite different