Reverb routing advice!

Hi guys,

One of my teachers gave me this example of a schematic for adding depth with reverb. In this schematic, the sound sources can be placed close by, middle or far, by changing the delay time with which they arrive at the reverb bus (in other words, determine the pre-delay. Some eq-ing is added and then they all go to a shared reverb bus.
This image should make things clear if they aren’t…:

I was able to recreate this process in Pro Tools (which I use on my school), but I haven’t figured it out in Cubase 7 (Elements).

I tried sending an audio track to a group track and send it back to a FX-channel track, but this didn’t work, because I didn’t want the sound of the group track which only left me with the pre fader option, but then I wouldn’t be able to use the delay plugin (which delay the signal between the group and FX). Or is it?

I hope one of you can help me out, I’d like to try it out in Cubase as well.

  • Yoël

Send source 1 to a group - in the group apply the desired processing - route the group to the Fx channel.
Do the same with one group per source for the other sources.

Isn’t that diagram the wrong way around? If you want a sound to sound close you want less predelay, not more. :confused:

first: add a FX track (FX Reverb Bus) and insert the reverb into this (this track will be routed to stereo out)
For source 1
add a FX track (FX source 1) and insert a delay (30ms) into this FX track (this FX track will be routed to “FX Reverb Bus”)

For source 2
add a FX track (FX source 2) and insert a delay (15ms) into this FX track (this FX track will be routed to “FX Reverb Bus”)
You can EQ this FX track the way you want.

But think about:
If you have a reverb with pre delay and EQ (like waves IR1), you coud create just one FX track for your source.


Generally, if you have a close sound, the direct sound comes first, then ( depending on the room size) after a certain while the early reflections set in → long pre-delay.
If you have a distant sound source, the relative time difference of the arrival of early reflections and direct sound gets smaller → short pre-delay

In Elements you can not route Fx tracks to Fx tracks

I see, so ideally you would use a high pre-delay on the reverb on the ‘close’ sound, and a low pre-delay on the far sound reverb, but with a higher pre-delay on the dry sound instead.

this is pretty much why the teacher is running the scenario … it is counter intuitive until it clicks.

I didn’t know you can’t route fx tracks to fx in Elements.
So, the easiest way I can imagine is to add 3 Fx tracks. Then insert a delay and a reverb into each Fx track and you can adjust the delay (as a pre delay) the reverb, and Eq the fx track.
Once you have these 3 different FX you can start sending your source signal to the fx you want.