Reverb & Studio EQ in Cubase Studio 5 64bit...

Hello :slight_smile:

New to the forums but been using Cubase a long time. I have recently switched to using CS 5 64 bit. All going fine apart from there is no Studio EQ in the effects section and the reverb plugins take up about 75% of my cpu and makes cubase unusable. Never a problem with 32bit. Anyone had this problem? Any fixes or would you recommend I buy a new reverb/EQ plugin?

I use a mixture of 64bit & 32bit East West music samples (I use JBridge on the old 32bit ones) and record some audio, usually myself but nothing excessive.

I’ve got a decent PC. Specs are:

Windows 7 64bit
AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.20GHZ

Any help would be great as I’m racking my brains out. Let me know if you need anymore info.


Phil C

Oh… My Sound card is an E-MU 0404. I have tried increasing the latency to 100ms but that doesn’t work either.


Yeah correct, and there never will be…

That sucks :exclamation:

I’m using CS5 also and have had high ASIO problems with 64 but not high 'puter CPU. The way I see it, the bit bridge was still a problem and the ASIO readings were 3 times as high in 64 as they were in 32 for the same song. Some users have disabled the bit bridge and had success. I personally went back to 32 and never looked back. If you’re not using any ram intensive plugs, I would suggest the same. Jbridge will also make your 64 plugs backward compatible in 32 and will still allow you 2G ram for every VSTi/plug.