ReverbA, Double Delay, Rotary.

ReverbA, Double Delay and Rotary.from the SX era ,i really miss these old plugins in cubase 9 and now 9.5 ,there is nothing like them at the moment in Cubase ,they are very simple plugins with an old authentic sound, please bring them back.thanks

Nothing authentic about ReverbA, one of the worst fake and crap sounding reverbs that exist. Roomworks SE is just as simple and sounds a lot better and more authentic.

Not really sure why you keep asking for these old plugins. Rotary is the exact same just with a new GUI as you have already been told in another of your threads. Double Delay, just use the stereo delay and it can do the same.

It’s gonna be a big -1 from me.

Ha Ha ,youre so full of it , i took your advice and tried using roomworks and the S.E version and i just cant get on with them they fill too much space they all sound like rooms and i end up tweaking till the cows come home . ReverbA is simple and gives me what i want instantly , a bit of a trail and a shimmer a bit like a shooting star,not an explosion of boom room.
Your description of Rotary couldnt be further from the truth, open the old verion "IF YOU CAN" and listen to the default setting and then try recreate that sound on the newer rotary(bloatary), while your at it try and recreate Reverb A with one of your "Great "Reverbs and ill give you a thumbs up if you do.

I will refrain from being rude and go down to your level.

But clearly you should google what a reverb is… Of course they sound like a room, that’s what a reverb does.

The dear programmers and developers at Steinberg should spend their time on more important things like bug fixes and wanted features than reviving and old reverb plugin that was once removed because everyone hated it for it’s bad sound.

Maybe you should look into the Valhalla Shimmer verb

The delays sound the same as Double Delay, and ping pong delay is actually easier to use.

Rotary is the same plugin since the 90’s. There’s currently a bug where the settings aren’t initialized properly. Click the middle of the knobs (so the parameters are read but not changed) and the default preset will sound EXACTLY the same as the default Cubase SX Rotary preset.

Reverb A… 8 or 9 out of 10 people will tell you that it wasn’t good.

If immediacy is what you’re after, then find good settings for the plugins and SAVE THEM AS PRESETS. You can even make Cubase load your settings as the defaults.

Please learn how to use your tools and don’t waste everyone’s time making pointless requests. The Cubase SX plugins will never return in their original form. Not only would that would be stupidly pointless, most of them were developed by another company so they wouldn’t be able to bring them back even if they wanted to.

nice one KHS ,the valhalashimmer is more like it ,although quite expensive, nearly as much as the 9.5 update. :laughing: i like the old reverbs, of course they dont sound real but who cares, they are the sound of the 60s and 70s and i like the effect they make, rooms are too much in music the 80s proved that , but when used as an effect in films for sound fx creating room space sounds and wot not then yes . just my opinion.

they will, in 64 bit form ,everything comes around.

Get the Demo and try it out. Maybe you will like it enough to buy it. Quite frankly I think you should look for available tools that you like and move on, instead of sticking to old and obsolete plugins that will never return.
The thing is: A good reverb will blend in with a good mix, even it’s in the background (As you said yourself, no one likes to go back to the 80’s) but a bad reverb will feel off and not really fit in a good mix. The 60’s and 70’s all used real room sound or hardware reverbs, both way better than the old SX era reverbs. Even today in modern and commercial mixes, if the music is with a real drummer, chances are almost 100% that the room sound you hear on the drums are not created by a reverb plugin, but captured by several sets of room mics during the tracking stage with eventually a little extra reverb on the snare but not necessarily.

i tried it about an hour ago on my home pc with headphones ,it sounds promising ,i will give it a blast in my studio tommorow, ta for that.

well i have to say $50 Valhalla shimmer is a very good reverb ,but i only put it in the same class and style of reverb as ReverbA. and is filling a gap in the market that steinberg left gaping when they dumped ReverbA ,ah well . Shimmer has a few unessasary bells and whistles attached ,but that seems to be a feature people seem to like nowadays .

It’s not really in the same class or style. Difference is that ReverbA aas designed as a regular reverb plugin that just didn’t sound like a good reverb. Valhalla Shimmer is not designed to recreate a room in that sense, but to give some sparkle or shimmer if you want to the top end and does a very good job at that. Not the reverb I would ever use for Vocals or drums, but it has some use in certain scenarios on a lead guitar or maybe a clean guitar.

ReverbA is just a little reverb which does a certain job and that job is to do what old bog standard spring reverbs of the 60s and 70s. we are not talking about re creating a room here which can be done naturally anyway . you try recreate the sound of ReverbA in a natural enviroment and the only place you could do it would be in the corridors of an old massive empty mill .

Definitely not shimmer to replace RevA… shimmer is all about huge spaces like blackhole.

Definitely the other valhalla verbs, particularly room in this case i think.

i have to agree

valhalla room for $50 is one of the most versatile reverb on the market… glad you agree… i reall recommend that one… it’s light on cpu and literally has a lot of different reverb styles in the one plugin, to cover so many sounds. Their vintage verb is more to cover rich lexicin type sounds from the 80’s, the plate is well, plates… the room is the “jack of all trades” one.

If you want a spring verb as i noticed you said that too, try PSP spring, or overloud spring age.

If you want OLD school spring try softube spring which is “twangy”.