REVerence and macOS 14 Sonoma

Every since upgrading to Sonoma, the Revererance window doesn’t probably draw. Widgets only update while interacting (and obviously you have to know where to click…

Apple have changed some of their CoreGraphics APIs in a way that is incompatible with the approach to drawing used by many Steinberg products, including our VST plug-ins and Cubase. Apple plan to solve this problem in a future Sonoma update, and we will of course also update our affected software for future versions to adapt to the new APIs, but for the time being, we would recommend not upgrading to Sonoma if you are reliant on using Steinberg VST plug-ins in your work with Dorico.

Official compatibility information will be published on the support pages of our web site when Sonoma is released.


Nice to know! Since almost every third party plugin I used on a daily basis (LX480, Superior Drummer 3…) seems to crash at Dorico 5 shutdown, and I started using REVerence to avoid that, it would be really problematic to have problems with it :sweat_smile:

Unfortunatly I’m stuck with it as downgrading would revert a fix I need - prior to Sonoma many external USB DACs (including mine) suffer frequent dropouts. That was fixed, in Sonoma, and now that it has I’m not sure I could stand to go back to having a random half second dropout every few minutes.

@TylerE , I’m considering early upgrading shortly after release for the very same reason. Do you have any other audio software (DAWs, plugins) that you’ve observed that doesn’t work right?

Just checked.

Pianoteq 8 is fine in Dorico.

It, Groove Agent SE, and Halion work fine in Studio One, or at least do not exhibit this drawing issue.

Hi Daniel Will the dorico team also do the upgrade for dorico pro 4?

No, we do not anticipate releasing any further updates for Dorico 4. However, although Dorico 4 will not be officially supported on Sonoma, I would expect the fix that Apple is planning to add in a future Sonoma maintenance release will also be a fix for Dorico 4 as well as for Dorico 5.


This tip certainly makes sense, however, people who are in the market of buying a new Mac right now are basically out of luck then until this is fixed (as Macs are usually delivered with the current version of macOS without possibility to downgrade IIRC).

That’s right, yes. Hopefully the Sonoma patch release that includes a solution for this will be coming soon, but Apple’s release schedule is both out of our control and unknowable by us.


It should still be possible to downgrade to the first OS that your Mac was sold with, or later; though it’s not easy on M-series. You’d have to create an install media disk, allow external drive booting, then wipe the internal, and then install from scratch.

I don’t know how quickly the ‘golden master’ of Sonoma’s release version will make it to the factory, and subsequently how quickly those Macs will make it to the shops – longer for Buy-to-Order Macs.

I’ve certainly bought Macs installed with a “point” release that was one or two behind the current; though a major release may be different.

HALion 7 seems to display fine for me; Groove Agent does not, but resizing its window fixes it. REVerence doesn’t display well, and you can’t resize it.

As of 30 minutes ago the public release of Sonoma is out.

Further research shows that 14.0 rc2, which is what I was running when I took the thread starting screenshot, is the exact version that went gold a few days as the release version.

Interestingly, I’ve just discovered that the CPU Usage window in Apple’s own Activity Monitor, is blank in Sonoma.

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Ah I finally see why the Maximizer has the same issue. :slight_smile:

This is one more ground-breaking change not documented in the macOS 14 release note:

They shalt document such changes, always.

That doesn’t look to be the case here

Oh well, it may have been a local glitch.

Furthermore, the build I’ve just installed seems to have fixed the issue with Steinberg’s plug-ins!

The latest Sonoma beta?

The second beta of 14.1. I don’t think it’s a public beta yet.

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I just installed the latest developer beta and confirm it fixes rendering issues.

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