Reverence Cannot Locate Impulse Response

Hello, I am getting this error. I have reinstalled Nuendo to fix this yet the problem persists. By the way, I am not trying to locate third-party impulse responses here. This is factory content that I am missing. Any idea what a solution can be?

Windows 10 latest version + Nuendo 11 latest version.


That particular preset is in the ‘Vintage Verb Collection’, do you have that installed? If so, maybe it got moved someplace the system can’t find it. Look in the Steinberg Library Manager.

Looks like it isn’t the original file.
I can not imagine (but can be wrong) that an original preset is named; “stereo Modified


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You are right! I did not have ‘Vintage Verb Collection’ installed. Now that I do, the problem is solved! Thank you! :purple_heart:

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You are probably right. However, When I filter by typing ‘post’, these combination presets show up in Reverence that look like this.

No, it’s the right name.