REVerence has lost Spring reverb IR

Hello to everyone, could you please help me? REVerence has lost Spring reverb IR and lost a folder with rest of the IRs too. How could i find them and where? I’m on Windows 10, lenovo Laptop with 1 external harddrive, howerver i couldn’t find IRs on any of those . Any help will be appreciate.

The presets are not organized as IR files.
Maybe you expect the wrong kind of file?

The Impulse Response files for the REVerence plug-in are stored in .vstsound files that included with the Cubase installer. Please install the latest update for your version of Cubase.

As far, as i know, those IRs shoud be in cubase folder, in VST sound. There’re librarys for REVerence, but it can’t find a specific IR (Spring Orbit)

Hey, I have latest versions of Cubase 11 and 12, both don’t have it in vst sound folders, in both of Cubase folders

I find the preset “Spring Twin Orbit” only.

Yeah, it’s this, cubase cannot find this IR anywhere. Can You please show ypur IRs’s path, to understan, why it cannot be found on my end?

Did you move the libraries?
If not, try to update the media bay content again.
Mediabay opens with F5.

And you can search the file/vstsound in the media bay as well.
Just drag the file to the tracklist in the project window and drop it on an empty space to get a new FX channel with the FX loaded.

Still the same thing, i can’t find it anywhere. It has completky lost this IR, for sime reason. If you’re fine with this, could you send me this IR?

It doesn’t work like that.
Try to reinstall the “Vintage Verb Collection” with the download assistant.
It’s just 65 MB.

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It helped! Thank you so much, for helping me with this, really - thank you. Also -check this spring reverb, sounds fantastic

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