REVerence - How do I erase my presets?

This has to have been covered but I will still ask here again because this is driving me crazy.

Reverence performs well these days, 6.0.5, but I cannot remove the presets I have created. If I do the ‘erase’ from within the REV window, when I reopen REV on another visit, all the presets are back. In fact, I cannot even find where on my computer these files are being kept. Is they in the vst3 rabbit hole?

Here’s what I want to do: Erase all my Reverence presets and start over. If anyone can steer me onto the correct path I would be MOST grateful!!! THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

if you talk about your own preset that’s located in : user/documents/vst 3 presets/steinberg media technologies/ REVerence/
but if you’re talking about factory presets it’s another “story” !!

Thanks for the response. Yeah, OK, after a few minutes I remembered that REVerence has a protective thing going on. It will let you write and rewrite your presets only if you have selected a track to modify, select REV, and then hit Preview. While the Preview is running then you can make your alterations.

Eh, in the moment I wanted to clear the whole file of USER presets and start fresh. Not gonna happen.

And all of this said, do you or anybody know if the presets are ONLY available in the case of selecting a track and burning/processing a verb to it? It seems like this is the case but if it were so, I have often wondered why Steinberg doesn’t black out the user preset window of REVerence when you open it for application in a channel insert? It looks like you could store a preset but I can’t do this. Is there something I am missing?

Can you save presets to REVerence that will be there when you open REV for use in a channel or group insert?