Reverence, how to move presets with their pictures attached

I have imported some impulses (Bricasti M7 by Samplicity for instance) and I added some pictures to them.
When trying to import those on another machine, I’ve noticed Reverence looses information about the pictures and doesn’t relink them.
It seems the import and storing functions don’t offer the same convenience Steinberg’s own soundfiles format has.

Anybody has a trick in his sleeve ?
Otherwise, I should probably make a request for an upgraded Reverence import management.

Not a big deal, but at present state, It is quite difficult to exchange presets beetween machines or freely distribute them on the web like Altiverb does.

just put the picture in the impulse folder

Thanks for replying, however, it doesn’t work. As soon as you move the impulse response & picture folder, it doesn’t load the pictures anymore. Reverence won’t even ask for them.

Well, Reverence doesn’t want to be as sexy as Altiverb I guess… :wink:

for me it’s work if you don’t change the place of the Impulses folder ! I’ve made some preset for REVerence with Samplicity & Acousticas impulses installed in 3 différents computer with Cubase 7 installed no problem !

Can I import a whole bunch of IR in Reverence? Or do I have to import every single one and then store it. I downloaded the free IRs from samplicity. Cubase 5.5.3 on a Mac.
Btw, where are they stored? Didn’t find anything.


one by one !

Are those free Bricasti IRs really good? I’ve heard a lot about them.

Would someone kindly link me to them, and I’ll give it a shot in REVerence and some other IR accepting programs. Thanks.