REVerence on a Group Channel

On a group channel, I can’t get REVerence to have any mix. As long as it’s on, it’s 100%, no adjustment - the mix window is greyed out. This is NOT true for other effects, just REVerence.

Any ideas why this is?

What version of Cubase?

Was this not fixed in C5’s final update.

Thank you - Cubase 5.0 is the version I’m using.

I am resisting going to 6.0, I haven’t felt the need to upgrade.

If you look at the top of this forum, you will see that 5.5.3 did indeed fix the Reverence wet lock on group channels

Notes on 5.5.3

You were correct, it did fix this. Thanks for the heads up.

The VST 3 plug-in REVerence no longer locks the Wet amount to 100% if used in a Group or FXChannel, instead a new “Lock” symbol has been added. With active “Lock”, the current Dry/Wet
balance is maintained when browsing presets for REVerence.