reverence problem please help

Hello everyone, Im new to this forum (…and any forum), so please dont slug me off for any errors i post.

the problem I have:
I can’t fire up reverence. I assume it supposed to be under ‘‘Reverbs’’ section in inserts but there’s only RoomWorks reverb. I re-installed reverence, cubase and nothing. cant be found. While reinstalling it was the message that it is installed corectly and it looks all fine. well, I have no idea where it is. Any help will be highly appretiated

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You need to give us a little info, what version of Cubase you have, what OS you are using, computer specs etc, then someone will have an idea or two re your problem.

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Did it worked well in the past? Then you could try a restore poin with Windows. Thats what I do when a big problem occurs I restore the computer to a previous restore point where everything was perfect

Welcome to the forum. In general we’re a friendly & helpful bunch (unless someone acts like a jerk). And Dave is right about posting your specs - it really helps folks understand what might be going on if that info is in your signature.

Open the Plug-in Manager and see if Reverence is shown there. If it is then you probably are using a Collection that isn’t displaying Reverence. You can just drag it into the collection to make it visible. If this turns out to be the cause, you should probably read the Plug-in Manager section of the manual so you’re up to speed on it.

Reverence is only available in Cubase PRO.

Thanks for replys.
I use Cubase 8 LE AI Elements. Win 7. Plugin MAnager doesn’t show reverence.

I have Elements 8, came with the package, says it’s installed but not seen in the plugin manager?

Hi, I have Cubase 9.5 PRO. When I open REVerence from inserts or in FX channel I do not hear any reverb. Not from on my keyboard or from the recorded instrument piano track. In the window, i can browse any type of reverb (hall, room etc.) and there is a nice pic with it but I do not hear any changes. On the U Tube video, they do the same and the reverb starts immediately.
This is the first time I am using it with Emotional piano VST.
Everything else works perfectly in Cubase. Is there some setup with my ASIO card?

Thank you!

I suspect this is a routing problem.