Reverence Samples info

Does anyone have info on what studios were sampled for Reverence? Specifically the NY and LA studios?

When your mix is done and sounds great! In the end does it really matter if the IR in Reverence was recorded at NY or LA? I personally don’t give a crap to start with! I’m only interested in these things when it doesn’t work out. That’s the time when I start to investigate and want to know why something didn’t work out? But then again…I know it’s certainly not related to a geographical issue like NY or LA? So I wonder? Why is it be so important for you to know where those IR’s where recorded? And what do you expect to get out of it once you know?

Hi wardog0873, welcome to the forum, and don’t be put off by the tone of some of the responses you might receive :laughing:. People can get very passionate and opinionated, it doesn’t mean they are not trying to be helpful.

To answer your question, I think no, not to my knowledge at least, and they might in fact just be preset names “inspired” by some spaces. Don’t forget that you can also load your own impulse responses, either ones you find on the internet, or ones you make yourself, so you can in fact make it sound like any studio space for which you have an impulse response.

Of course someone is likely to chime in with more information, but generally when it is about that level of detail in Cubase, those who know won’t tell, and those who talk, don’t know.

In the meantime, search “convolution reverb impulse response”. Here, for example.

I’m always helpful -:slight_smile: But I don’t have an issue responding to useless questions in the right manor also?

Are you serious friend?! You got a drum library which was recorded in a well known NY studio known for it’s wood lined live room, Power Station/Avatar. Yet all of your other live instruments are recorded at your home. Looking for info about a convolution reverb of the same studio for a cohesive mix is somehow triggering you? You must be a millennial!

In the Reverence description of the NY studio sample, it’s states that the sample is from a well known NY studio known for its live wooden room. All I was looking for was some verification of whether or not it was the same studio, and you’re triggered! HAHA!! Ok!