Reverence - Will Not Load Into Channel Insert Slot

In my project, 4 tracks have Reverence loaded into the 1st insert slot (C5.53 XP 32bit system), when I try to load another instance into a 5th track Reverence will not load and the slot remains empty. If I then try and load Roomworks as an alternative to Reverence it causes the system to crash.

Tried freezing a track but this did not allow another Reverence to be loaded.

The PC is intel core 2 quad with 4GB ram, ASIO meter shows no issues, audio I/F is Steinberg MR816 csx.

I will try my Win7 64bit C5 system to see if the problem exists there too.

Any info or workarounds appreciated, thanks.

Probably a memory limit issue.

Do you need 5 instances of Reverence in your project?

Work around use a FX channel and sends!

I have plenty of memory, 8GB. I realise XP cant access all of this but it shouldn’t be an issue with the spec of my machine. Nothing running in the background to hog resources, it’s a dedicated DAW.

Yes I will do that, it’s just a basic mix so I added Reverence to each track as required.

I forgot to add that I tried it with C5 64bit Win 7 pro DAW (same spec machine) and it works fine so I guess it must be a memory issue.

You could try the /3GB switch.

Thanks Mashed, will do