Reverse Function not working (C12.04 x64 W11 32g ram)

Title explains it, file isnt locked or anything and no screen shot necessary, I right click, processes → audio —> reverse and it doesnt flip. … it used to and it doesnt

Clip is not locked , this is not user error, I have been on CB since 3, I found a thread where reinstalling the program works but im asking if there has been an easier solution found that doesnt take time when my workloads exceeds my time allotment to problem solve such a rudimentary task/ issue

Please start Cubase in Safe Mode, and temporarily disable your Preferences to rule out corrupt preferences:

Generally speaking, reinstalling Cubase rarely helps with issues like these, it’s deleting your preference that does.

Does it work in the sample editor?

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This did work! thank you for a work around, didnt even see the reverse option there