Reverse playback of a song

Hey Guys,

there is special technique called backwards mixing. It refers from back in the days when there were 24-Track Reel-to-Reel in the studios. The complete song was played backwards and mixed it that way.
Michael Stavrou (AIR Studios London) writes about it in his outstanding book “Mixing with your mind” which I wholeheartedly have to recommend to everybody who wants to wrap his head around creative mixing.

Why would you want to do that?

  1. Your focus changes complete because you don`t concentrate on the attacks but on the tone
  2. You are able to mix like someone else.
  3. Fun and experimentation

Is there an easy way to play a song backwards in Cubase 5 (only the audio party of course) ?
A workaround would be to print each and every track (from beginning to end) and reverse it.

For sure I want to try this one… :astonished:


Don’t know if that’s so much of a workaround rather than the only way.

:confused: :confused:

kcaJ :confused: