Reverse Reveb Problems

Hi there all you good people! I’m hoping that maybe you can help me here. I’m trying to create a reverse reverb effect on a vocal track. I think it’s also sometimes called a preverb. I’ve isolated the first word of my track onto another track and reversed it. Call that track 2. I’ve put a long reverb on it as well. In video tutorials it seems that the best way is to create another track, call it track 3, create a group track and have the output of track 2, the short reversed vocal, go to the group track. The input for track 3 should be the group track.
The problem I have is I can’t seem to get the input to find the group track.
I’m using Cubase 7.5 Artist.
Any ideas?
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and all thanks in advance!

Jeremykeys, the eternally lost!

No, you can’ t.

Create a loopback routing in your interface, if possible.

Using the audio mixdown, I imported the part back into the song as a new track. I then reversed the clip and got the end result that I was looking for. I had to do a bit of trimming and had to relocate it but it worked!:grinning:

Thanks again!

Glad you figured it out. :wink:

FWIW… Here are a few suggestions for spin down and spin up processing.

Regards :sunglasses: