Reverse velocity?

Just wondering if I could reverse the velocity over the section.
googled it but couldn’t find the answer.


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I tried multiple approaches to this, sadly to no avail. There is a reverse feature in the logical editor, but it appears to be reserved for note expression data only.

I might be interested if anyone cracks this.

Try this:

Thanks, I’m interested also but any chance of it in English please?

It’s the mirror function:
New value2 = old value2 mirrored by the value of parameter 1

I may have misunderstood the question.
Are you looking for a function with which the velocity values of MIDI notes of a section can be swapped in time, i.e. that the first notes of a section get the velocity values of the last notes and vice versa?
In my opinion, this is not possible because the Vel. values are not an independent time function, but parameters that are individually assigned to each note.
How should chords and different rhythms be treated?

  • make a copy of your MIDI-part
  • apply reverse function
  • create a groove preset from it
  • open the quantize panel (preset should be active)
  • set the position percentage and length percentage to zero
  • set velocity percentage to 100%
  • apply quantize to the original part

This is kinda genius.