Reversed apostrophe in Lyrics

First of all, KUDOS on an amazing program! I just noticed that when inputting lyrics, I am getting a reversed apostrophe, as in the following attachment. Perhaps the programing is deciphering the positional aspect (being placed before a letter), and treating it as a “beginning single quote” - thereby curving it toward the letter that follows. But I believe that apostrophes should always curve to the left.

Thanks again for this wonderful program - I am definitely sold based on the speed and power you have given to the end user!

I do not have that behaviour. Maybe you should try ’, this is with alt-shift-4. I’m on mac with a french keyboard.

I think this is an OS thing and nothing to do with Dorico. I’ve gotten used to pressing alt-] whenever I want a reversed apostrophe. The regular apostrophe is undoubtedly needed more often in common usage than the reversed one.

Actually it’s a Dorico thing: Dorico smartens quotes in lyrics and text frames automatically, but unfortunately it’s very hard for the program to detect contraction cases like “ev’ry” automatically. So you do need to manually create a curved single quote with the correct direction yourself for these cases.

Dear Daniel,
that is actually the solution I proposed (’ manually). Fortunately, in french we use « and » so I did not have the problem.
Is there a solution to write an underscore ? Or should musicmaven use a specific font that draws lines ?

You can’t enter an underscore character in lyrics, I’m afraid, because Dorico will automatically produce an elision character. I had a quick look to see if I could find a suitable alternative character in Unicode that you could copy and paste in, but I’m afraid I can’t find one.

Thanks Daniel…
Just in case someone doesn’t know the way to get smart quotes on Mac–
The solution to manually correcting the apostrophe in this case (on a Mac) is:
This is the manual way of getting a smart apostrophe that curves left on a Macintosh.