"Reversed" beams on unisons and seconds

Hey there!
Is there any possibility to imitate this kind of beaming inside Dorico (see attached image)? I know Dorico can handle situations like these when there’s an interval higher than an octave between these two eights, but not in lower ones.

'Reversed' beam.png

Force centered beam (Edit>Stem) Then adjust angle in Engrave mode…

Doing so, I don’t get exactly what I want—the image is just an example, not the exact copy of the original score. When I click “force centered beam”, both stems position at the same side—left or right—, and not what I wanted—right–left.
Captura de pantalla 2017-01-04 a les 16.14.58.png

Force centered beam seems to work only if the interval is a 3rd or larger…

Yes, I’ve already tried it and does not work. It does shift the stem side on both stems the same way.

Sorry edited my previous post too late… it only works if the interval is a 3rd or larger…

Ok, thanks anyway, fratveno!

I’ve come across this issue myself, and I’m wondering why such a restriction for centered beams exist. Surely, they are more common in situations with larger intervals than not, but they do exist between seconds in fairly well known litterature.

I would think the situation and the composer/engraver should be able to dictate whether or not they’re appropriate, not the software.

Hey! Found the way!

  1. Type two notes with an interval higher than a 3rd and force centered beams
  2. Then just pitch one of them up or down to result with a lower interval and forced centered beams.
    And done!

Note: You may have to adjust the beam position to look correctly, but that’s all!

Hope it helped somebody.
1st step.png
2nd step.png

We already knew that :slight_smile: the problem is about seconds and unisons…

I think it also works with seconds… but not for unisons.

count yourself lucky then … :slight_smile:

Hahahahah ok… you’re right.


Since this issue isn’t solved with respect to seconds and unisons, would you please remove the subject label, so that the development team (or anyone else for that matter) doesn’t get the wrong idea?