Reverting Back To Previous Updates

What is the best way to revert back to the previous update in Cubase 5? I am not at the current update but the one before that and I noticed I can’t split audio in the vari-audio window like I could before I updated. I don’t want to have to uninstall/reinstall Cubase 5 but if that’s the only way then I have no choice. Thanks.

PS. I am a recent transfer from the old site and it’s a little rough getting used to the layout here. Can anyone tell me how to modify my signature? Thanks.

On Windows you need to uninstall properly and then reinstall. On a Mac simply trash the app and reinstall.

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Hi mysterite -

Splitting audio in Vari-Audio works as before if you zoom in.

Do you have to zoom in extremely close? Because I zoomed in but apparantly not enough? Thanks for all replies as well.

Try zooming in vertically. I noticed you mentioned that you were not at the current update but the one before that. If you update to the latest (5.5.2), the split function works much better where you don’t have to zoom in. (I saw that in the old forum somewhere… I hope my memory isn’t fuzzy about it).

But I have 5.5.2 and VariAudio works great.