Reverting to Original audio clips

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As I understand, with Nuendo non-destructive editing, it just puts new audio events on top, correct?
How to revert to the original audio events?
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These are basic functions of the program: If you have just made the change, then press CTRL + Z.

Yeah, I know this one :wink: What if the changes were done quite before?

If the change was made a long time ago, then you need to look in the edit list under Edit > History. Please have a look in the manual from page 102 and following (English version). There you will find more settings for the function. (For example the maximum undo steps.)

By the way: If you have applied DOP (Direct Offline Processing) and created a new instance for each effect, you can also undo the effect in the DOP window (F7). You can also find the original versions of the audio file in the Pool (CTRL + P).
The versions differ by the number in the parenthesis. The original audio file has no number appended. The audio file that is newly created by an effect has an ascending number in the parenthesis. Each new file is based on the one before it. Audio file β€œXY (5)” is therefore based on β€œXY (4)”.

Wonderful. Thanks a lot, MAS. Dragging with the shift button from Pool seems to solve my issue.
Is this the only fastest way to get to the original clips?

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I’m glad I was able to help. (I am also glad about a heart. :wink:)

To replace an existing event with the one from the pool, this is the fastest way.
At least, I don’t know of a faster way. :grinning:

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