Review: 3Dconnexion keyboard for Dorico

A 3D modeling keyboard for Dorico? Yeah!!

I use this for my 3D work and have really come to love it. For Dorico I had a typical keyboard printed with Dorico shortcuts, but the printing wears off pretty quickly and I never used it - Dorico’s shortcuts are so easy to remember. Plus the numpad is fixed on the right side, making my left hand do all the work. Wanting a separated keypad I tried this and found it works really well.

You can see 12 buttons along the top just waiting for you to customize. Additionally there’s customization over the hard coded keys

Here you can see you can customize any of the media keys, and disable keys like Caps Lock (thank you!). For the top buttons here’s the editor

You can see it’s fully customizable with a complete macro editor. As a reminder of the buttons on your screen you can enable a small overlay with graphics or text showing the function of each.


I stack the numpad with as much functionality as I can, so it can be switched left/right hand and all the note editing in one place. Here’s what I have for the four top buttons at the moment, an Esc key, Chords (Q), and left right navigation.

But wait there’s more! You can override the other extra buttons with macros

Delete as Undo is a lifesaver, and I just noticed I forgot to change the = shortcut on this computer.

Otherwise on the numpad I just use the normal Dorico facilities for the following

  • Divide/Multiple are for changing the grid resolution
  • Plus/Minus/0 are for sharp/flat/natural
  • Enter is ‘Move caret to next position’
  • The numbers are for note duration, except I use 9 for tuplet popover (reasoning a triplet is a factor of 9).

The keyboard otherwise conveniently had a large Delete key, and the “Print Screen” by default brings up the Windows snip tool.

Feel free to post what keyboard you like.

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