Review: Dorico on touch Windows laptop

Now with the D4 dust settling I can finally test the new lower zone on my Asus ZenBook Duo.

This thing (brilliantly to my mind) has two high DPI OLED screens as you can see. This version is made for ‘creatives’ - artists so includes a 3070 and costs an arm and a leg. I do 3D art commercially so is worth it, but for Dorico alone you can get the non pro Duo version which is much cheaper.

Anyhow this application is pure genius. Just pop a second window, make the lower zone full screen and you’ve got a touch keyboard, or you can draw in automation. It has an included stylus.

Highly recommend this configuration. I’m not sure I’d find other touch screens useful, because of vertical orientation. With this Duo however the lower zone is nearly horizontal as you want it. They designed it this way specifically for this application, it comes with a tool that has a control pad for Photoshop etc.

@dspreadbury an issue that prevents using the lower zone on the second window for automation, you can only add or access CC lanes to the top main window. The secondary window doesn’t do anything when you hit the add automation button. Also, if you add an automation lane to the top one, the second window loses it’s brain and goes entirely blank … actually no clicking around it refreshes, however the automation lane didn’t get added at all. Anyhow the lower zone can’t handle more than one window being open.

So at the moment it can only be used as a piano keyboard, but if this could be fixed then it would be my go to automation computer.


That looks fantastic! I could work on the road (well if that happens again) and not have to bring a travel MIDI keyboard along. 15.6" gets pretty spendy though.

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Yeah I got it mainly for mobile work, but as I say I think I’ll use it when a score is ready for automation because the built in touch screen will work so well for that. It doesn’t work well as touch for sculpting, I still use a Wacom with it, but here it’s perfect. Really cool to play the piano keyboard on the second screen.

If interested do check out the line, the cheaper ones are your typical laptop prices, and I think there’s a 13" version (may not be duo though)

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Cool … but holy Batman, that thing is expensive!

I have Dorico 4 on a Surface Pro, going to tinker around with that to see how I like it. I broke my right arm :frowning: a few weeks ago so this is also going to be a “disables user test” of kinds if you will. It’s amazing how useless most all shortcuts are if you have only one hand, and a left hand at that.

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I’ve wondered about this exact setup. It looks brilliant.

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Weeeeeeee, and the full keyboard is usable too! Not for touch playing but plenty accurate, especially with the stylus. I like the full keyboard as then I don’t need to think which octave I’m in. Screenshots of just the lower screen

With better vertical spacing for the keys

Daniel, another small issue, I’m unable to stretch the keyboard to the top C, as you can see it only goes as far as B

Both screens

Daniel another couple issues

  • Put the Hub so it spans two screens (with my laptop, since you can’t resize the hub, you have two choices to either span two monitors, or use the dock icon in the upper right window bar to keep docked it in one monitor.
  • For the spanning two monitors case, if you click the dropdown for key signature the application hangs
  • If you dock the hub into one monitor, in my configuration (one monitor below the other) you’re unable to select a key. Arrow keys navigate but return doesn’t work, nor does mouse clicks. Workaround it just accept the C major. Issue is probably that the dropdown menu is spanning two monitors, and it doesn’t seem able to handle that. I’d guess this also exists for other such menus in the system.

Sorry, keep finding issues

This time I can’t extend the keyboard to either the top or bottom note

Also, this might be tough, but I can’t select a score to put up, not enough real estate. Workaround is to move to the bigger screen


Bunch of other issues in this thread relating to multi-window multi-screen, here’s a video of another, the piano keyboard isn’t entering correct notes. They sound correctly but are written wrong, see attached video in the zip. The notes are being played on one windows lower zone, and written to another window. (976.2 KB)