Revision History for N10 relative to N8?

New N10 features look great. Thanks, SB.

But…before upgrading, where do I find a Revision History wherein I can see a list of N8 issues that were resolved in N10? Is there a PDF that has that info like we ere used to seeing with updates? I would very much like to have a look at that list.

And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.


That is always missing on the first launch of a new version.

Since the development process remains a continuum, the lack of a list of acknowledged issues in the previous Nuendo version that have been corrected in a new version sidesteps logic, which should be the mantra of developers. Why would there be a fastidious accounting of new features and bug fixes between all updates but only of new features between full versions?

Unless maybe challenging issues end up orphaned and living on forever without an accounting? I can see where that might be convenient from a developer’s standpoint.

I’m thankful for the new features but it seems like a very reasonable expectation for Steinberg to make available in a PDF:

Which acknowledged issues/problems from Nuendo 8 have been corrected in Nuendo 10?

Thanks for any info you can provide, Moderators!

Perhaps we are supposed to forget the past - Wipe the slate clean.

Life starts anew with the release of Nuendo-10.