Revisiting Combining Percussion

We have discussed this before, but I have never mastered it.

In this case, I realized that the snare and woodblock will never play at the same time and could easily be handled by one player. Instead of taking up two lines on the conductor’s score and without having to print two separate instrument parts, I’d like to combine snare and woodblock on one line (or one staff). How do I do that?

Conductors I know immediately look at percussion parts to see how many players they will need.

Add each instrument you wish to a single player:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 9.21.31 PM

Both instruments will still appear as separate staves in galley view, but in page view and for printing it will automatically condense each instrument onto a single player’s staff with automatically produced instrument change cues (more options on that in notation and layout options).

It will default to the name of the first instrument, even if you rename the player as you might wish to (let’s say, simply Percussion, or you want SD & WB as the label) - then go under layout options > staves and systems > staff labels > select to show player names as desired -

Now you get them on a single staff within page view and parts:

Note that I save those steps for last after I’ve completed writing, because otherwise the player name will show up in galley view on all staves and it will simply be confusing (you’ll see the player name listed on all staves rather than instrument names).

Hope that helps!

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This is a most useful advice.

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