revisiting flows (thought I understood them)

I have an orchestra piece in 7 movts, a separate flow for each movt. I compose each movt knowing that I can re-order the movements by re-ordering the flows.

I have a piano piece in 4 movts, an interlude and a postlude, or six flows. when I (as an experiment to understand flows) moved one movement in setup by dragging it to a new position, some of the music was left behind and in another case the titles didn’t line up with the change. Anotherwords, it just didn’t move music and titles simply by moving flows. Probably other things to look at in master pages, etc, but I did expect to move a flow to a different spot in setup and expected music and title to follow.

These things shouldn’t happen, unless you have been playing around with frames and masterpages and managed to upset the frame chaining e.g. … :slight_smile: