ReVoice Pro 5 and Nuendo 13 - worth an upgrade? ARA working?

Hi guys – any users of ReVoice Pro out there? I’m currently on v4, but v5 just came out, and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to upgrade. I use it for dialog alignment when the Nuendo audio alignment can’t do the job well enough. Seems like v5 might be useful, but I find my ReVoice Pro 4 workflow to be fine as-is. I never used it in ARA mode so I have no idea if it works in Nuendo 12 or 13.

So I’m wondering if any post guys are using ReVoice Pro 5 with Nuendo 13 and how it’s working for you, and why you upgraded?

Hi Uarte,
Revoice Pro 4 worked well with ARA2 till Nuendo version 11.0.20. After that was a total disaster. I had to work manually like Revoice Pro 3. With this new version 5, it has a new vst3 extension that works well with N13. This new extension does not work with N12. It helps a lot to align several tracks at the same time. It still has bugs, but I think its worth trying it.

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Thank you for that – I ended up upgrading to v5 since I hadn’t heard anything definitive yet, but I haven’t used it yet. I figured something weird like this was going to be problem, given their history, so thank you for the heads up. Also, there was an intro upgrade price, so I figured I’d just do the upgrade now and figure stuff out later. At least I would be set with them for a couple more years, just get it done and over with.

But anyway, this is very helpful. When I get around to finally using it, I’ll be prepared. Synchro Arts is one of those companies that I would prefer not to deal with TBH, but I stick with them since they’ve got a unique take on dealing with specific problems I face, and in those instances when I need to do certain tasks, ReVoice Pro usually pays for itself immediately.