Revovering All Cubase files and settings after a hard disk replacement, and software reloaod?

Hello all. I recently switched PC’s, updated all my software licences etc, and reloaded Cubase. I have the old hard drive and all files instact, I just have no clue what folders I need to copy over from my old drive, to the new one in order to retain all my settings, channel presets and VST stuff?

Thanks in advance!

Normally, all your preferences are in this location (if you are using Cubase 12) :

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64

So, after having done a backup of what’s in it (just in case…), I would replace all the content of this folder with the content of the same location in your ‘old’ drive.

The location of Cubase’s preferences and presets are described in these two documents from Steinberg:

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I had to do this after a disk fail recently. It worked great. But I copied everything from one level up, the Steinberg Folder. That way I got the settings for older versions of Cubase & other Steinberg products like Wavelab.

PERFECT!! Thanks fese, your’re the best! :+1:

thanks cubic13, I don’t have the sub-folder appdata on my PC…I’m windows, maybe your pc is a mac? idk