Rewind to start

Is there a key combination that lets me rewind to start in a project that contains multiple markers? I’m having to click back through each marker one by one as it stands.

Hi, I think by default it’s the “.” of the numeric keyboard. The command is “Transport”->“Go To Project Start”, thus you can assign it to any keystroke you want.

Yes, thank you. That’s good to know. Period (the “.” on the main keyboard) does something else.

Cubase people: could you kindly add this to the manual at the appropriate points?

Hi! The manual already contains information about moving the project cursor to the start of the project:

Here - Solution that works even though markers are present (“Go to Project Start”).

click me

Here - Good only when markers are not present.

image Go to Previous Marker/Zero
image Go to Next Marker/Project End

It’s a question of what you type in to the search box. I was looking for “quick rewind”, and I dare say there are various other ways of asking the same question too. “Quick rewind” autocompletes, which for me usually implies that there is a corresponding entry listed. In this case, none of the results I looked at offered the information you point to.

You should’ve said so.

I agree that there are various ways of asking a question, but I was not trying to argue with you on this. It seemed to me that you did a thorough search and really couldn’t find anything helpful (in the Cubase Pro 12 operation manual).

I make this mistake too: i.e. rely too much on search engines…

Would’ve been better to look for “rewind” only. Anyway, you’ve found the solution. This is all that matters. Have a good day!