Rewind to the beginning of the flow only moves the playhead


When I “rewind to the beginning of the flow” when say, the Dorico window shows ( either play or write mode) bars 38 to 51, the display doesn’t move to bar 1?

Is there a way to change its behavior

The playhead and navigation are two separate things. If you want to go to the beginning, type Cmd/Ctrl-G, bar 1 (or Cmd/Ctrl-Home if it’s a single flow layout).


I wish there was a Preference option to set iso that navigation be equivalent to moving the playhead! on Mac keyboard Fn+Cmd+Left arrow.

Agreed. There are some I’m sure who prefer differently, but for me every time I move the playhead I also want the navigation to move with it.

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Numpad period takes the playhead back to the start. Space then starts playback from the playhead (and simultaneously navigates to the playhead position).

Alternatively, if you don’t immediately want playback but want to see the start, Cmd-Home navigates to the start of the flow, right arrow takes you to the first item in the flow (assuming you hadn’t left something selected, in which case type Cmd-D first), then P plays back from that item.

@Chikitin, to the best of my knowledge this works differently in Play mode, where the rewind button (numpad period) should simultaneously navigate and move the playhead to the start of the flow. Are you seeing something different in Play mode?

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Good note.

@pianoleo Neither in Play nor in Write mode simultaneously navigate and move the play head to the start of the flow