Rewire 32bit C6 under Win7 x64?

Edit: I was tempted to nuke this … but in case it helps anyone else out. I have gotten it working.

The problem was different behavior under Win7 x64 than previously under XP. In XP once you loaded a rewire master capable DAW, when you launched a second app … rewire slave capable, of coures … the second app automatically loaded in slave mode. In Win7 x64 the second loads as a regular program.

But when I launced from inside a program … Reaper in this case … the recognized rewire capable programs, the second app loaded properly in slave mode.

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OK … I don’t have my ‘boxed’ C6 yet, but … I know Rewire is only 32bit … but I thought it would work with 32bit apps running under Win7 x64.

My first attempt was unsuccessful. I launched C5 x32 followed by Acid Pro 6. They both ‘ran’ unlinked … although no sound in Acid since C5 had grabbed the ASIO driver … and Acid was obviously not in Rewire slave mode since transport wasn’t locked.

Since I’m pretty much brand new to using Win7, I wondered about issues like ‘Run as administator,’ ‘compatibility mode,’ etc., with the Rewire application … but since it runs in the background I had no idea of whether it tried to launch or where it was to test it’s properties (probably a dll in some windows driver folder?).

I also read on a forum I found by googling something about updating to Rewire 1.7. Since I don’t have Reason installed, I wondered if this might be the issue.

Anyway, has anyone actually successfully accomplished this, Rewiring 32bit apps under Win 7 x64 and, if so, any tips?