ReWire dropped

used by a number of plugins (wave tune / crispy tuner for example)

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That alone broke my heart. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I refused to update Ableton to the latest version because they not longer support rewire. So now cubase .

Having Ableton with its hardware Push inside cubase was magical .


Dang, I use rewire to drag Sibelius along and check notation. Never sunk up perfectly, but singers could read lyrics and a bunch of other things… :frowning:


Why…? This was the best tool ever for film composition alongside Sibelius + Note Performer…

Just had to add a 1 second delay to my non-sibelius audio and everything was perfectly sync.

Please please please


Reason Studios has announced that they will discontinue the Rewire protocol at the end of 2020.

Dropping Rewire …A sad day for Steinberg. This was an awesome partnership used across other programs. Do you have a substitute for it up your sleeves…I hope so.

Gurnee J



With Cubase 12 you can no longer use Rewire. Indeed, Rewire was abandoned [by Reason Studios] in 2020, and hasn’t been in Reason since version 11, and it is also not in Ableton Live 11 either.

I have two possible solutions for you.

-1. Reason can now be used as a plugin INSIDE CUBASE as a VST3. This has been the case since Reason version 11. Since Reason is backward compatible, there should be no problem importing older Reason projects into Reason 12. For Example, a Reason 5 project opened in Reason 12 functioning as a plugin in Cubase.

-2. If you have Cubase 11 or earlier, then with the Cubase 12 license, you can still use Cubase 11 with the eLicenser dongle. In this case, I suggest you stick with the Cubase 11 installation, and use it with your dongle. However, multiple installations of Cubase can be run in parallel on one system without any problems.

I hope it helps you.


Thanks for translating, I forgot this is an english - speaking forum, and was responding a spanish-speaking person.!

All the best.

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I totally agree. I use Finale for scoring running in sync with Cubase. At least I did until Cubase 12! I often have live components so need a DAW.
So, very frustrating to upgrade and go backwards on this.

I don’t think there was much of a choice. ReWire is a technology of Reason Studios (former Propellerhead) and they discontinued it in 2020. So this technology will no longer be maintained/updated by them - making it obsolete. They themselves did discontinue it for Reason 11. I think, basically all the vendors will strip it with upcoming versions because of the discontinuation.

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+1 on Ableton Link Feature


I couldn’t agree more. I also didn’t update Ableton due to lack of Rewire. I won’t be updating Cubase until there is a easy to use alternative. I need to be able to use Cubase (my preferred DAW since Cubase 6) linked in to Ableton (the DAW most my fellow dance producers use).

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See what I am saying Steinberg ?!
Link, Rewire or easy alternative please.

Having Ableton with Push running inside Cubase was creatively fun though.



So from now, workflow using Waves Tune will be worse.
Clicking in the project ruler places correctly the plugin’s cursor, but no vice-versa, as before.
I will stay in 10.5, then.

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I’m very upset to find out about this, I love Cubase and I use it for his pro functions working for film and my workflow include using Ableton in rewire to follow the timeline, now I have updated, and already started spoting and adding markers in cubase to a film and was looking for the rewire in the menu and found out there is none :frowning: i will have to downgrade because there is no other functioning alternative that support my workflow

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Any chance Rewire hasn’t been completely removed and just disabled in Cubase 12?

Rewire still exists in Ableton 11, but it’s been disabled. To reenable Rewire in Ableton 11 do this: Add “-EnableReWire” in a text file (.txt) and name the file “Options” and put it in C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live_VERSION_NUMBER\Preferences

Would be cool if something like this was possible in Cubase 12.

I absolutely hate working with clips and the piano roll in Ableton, but love the sounds I get, so I rewire it to Cubase. This means I’m stuck on Cubase 11 and won’t be upgrading. Even if rewire was depricated, it obviously still works for a lot of people. Studio One, Reaper, and Cakewalk all have Rewire working just fine, so I don’t see why Cubase can’t do it.


As many programs were / are relying on Rewire, I advise that all of the developer companies, thats programs using Rewire, stuck their heads and resources together, and find a solution to continue developing this cool tool and add support to their recent and upcoming versions. :blush:


Ableton supports rewire. You just need add one text string in options.txt:
Works in 11.


Man this really bites - I downloaded a trial version of Nuendo 12 after supporting it since Nuendo 3 and this is a deal breaker for me - my primary workflow requires re-wire to work with other software in my composition, sound design processes.

I am going to have to look for another DAW :frowning:

Ableton you say ? I have never needed to use that but seems like this is now the time!

ReWire is likely to go away in all host applications.

If you need ReWire and have an existing Nuendo licence, why not upgrade to Nuendo 12, install Nuendo 11 and use that with your upgraded eLicenser licence?

There are alternatives to ReWire. I hope Cubase and Nuendo get Ableton Link support; Ableton Link was added to Cubasis fairly recently. For audio transport, there’s Blue Cat’s Connector - it’s not perfect as it always resamples, but it can be useful.