Rewire no working with Reason 6.5

Hello all!

Please I need help, recently installed Cubase 7, also I have reason 6.5, but does not work Rewire!

Please I need to do to fix it as soon ASAP? any help is useful I will be very grateful

thanks and Blessing to everyone!

First thing to check is whether you have installed the 64bit version of Reason if you are running 64 bit Cubase.

Hi Graham, thanks for reply!

I using Cubase 7 in 32 bit version, but I dont know how to install reason 6.5 in 32 bit, I already try many ways but the file dont permit to modified the name or add /32 like some post i saw about it.
Do you please know how to do it?


Already working!

Yes just when you install need to (pres space /32) install and enjoy!

Thansk to all