Rewire on Cubase Pro 8

Hi all,

I would like to rewire Reasons with my cubase 8 but i can’t seem to find the ‘Reasons Rewire’ in the ‘Device Tab’ that used to be on cubase 6/7 that would connect reasons to Cubase…

Am I looking at the wrong place or is something wrong with my DAW.

Thank you for your help!!


Which version of Reason are you using? If you are using 5 it wont rewire in 64bit so you must use Pro 8 in 32bit mode.

Yo Stro,

thanks so much for this infor…I am currently using Reason 5 and running Cubase Pro 8 on 64bit mode…that explains why I can’t use the rewire function…

Much appreciated!


There are Rewire issues though - it doesn’t show for me as an option with Melodyne 2.1.2 - CB7.5 or 8.

You might want to see this:

Thanks for that - that’s exactly why I wanted to use rewire instead of hosting Melodyne as a VST - unfortunately rewire doesn’t work on my system.