Rewire problems

I can’t get Rewire to work with Vocaloid 2 or Live 8.
Open C7 (64bit) then the rewire slave (one of the above)
rewire does not appear in C7.
I looked for the Rewire DLL in C7 folder didn’t find it.
Any suggestions?

I think I know what your problem is. It is possible that Vocaloid and Live are 32 bit rewire slaves, meaning that they won’t work in a 64 bit host.

Try the following bridger:
(Download and install the top link called " ReWire 64-32 Bridge Version 1.3.0")

I haven’t been using it very long so I can’t testify for its stability, but thus far it seems to hold up. Upon installation, it will read the rewire dll’s on your system (make sure to tick ‘64 bit host’ when asked) and allow you to bridge those dll’s for use in C7 64 bit.

Hope this helps.