rewire (source connect) in N7-64

I had to share :bulb:

The issue: In N7-64 Win64 Source connect will not work with sync as a VST plugin, you will need to resort to the N7-32 which will start all other [ISSUES] like eucon will not work. the problem is that rewire will not work in 64bit. In my case it was the “Resource connect” Rewire, but for that sake probably any other rewire like Reason etc.

Solution: I found (thank you Anil nc) this nice utility on Japanese site it is a bridge of rewire elements from 32-64bit.

If you need it, try it, you would love it.

Reason 8.3 works fine here via Rewire to Nuendo 7.0.30 in Win 7/64 SP1

Haven’t had a chance to test Cubase 8 and Rewire on Win 10 yet.