ReWire with Ableton 10 ¿Just stereo?

Hi! I’m having the following issue:

I want to send a mono audio output from Ableton 10 to Cubase 10.5, but Cubase only let me put stereo inputs from Ableton. Do you know if there is a solution for this?

Thank You!


Regarding the manual:

ReWire channels may be any combination of mono and stereo, depending on the synthesizer application.

I have tried with Ableton Live ReWire and I can confirm, it’s possible to enable Stereo channels only. Then I have tried with other ReWire application and I was able to enable Mono Channels. So to me it looks like it’s on Ableton side.

The strange thing is that, in Ableton, i can set to output just a MONO BUS. And then, when i open it in Cubase, it’s a stereo bus with sound just in the left.