I’m using Cubase 6 and FL Studio Fruity Edition 9. I can’t seem to establish a Rewire connection between the two, with FL as the slave. When I try, they both operate separately, but there’s no syncing of transport functions. Cubase does allow FL Studio to be used as a VST/DX plug in, and then the transports do work in unison. FL Studio integrates just fine as a Host when I Rewire it to Propellerhead Reason, so could this be a Cubase problem? Perhaps a 32/64 bit issue? Anyone out there have any insight…sure would appreciate it.

A couple of quick considerations … which you possibly already know and have followed.

Master (in this case Cubase) must be opened first.

Rewireable devices are listed under the Cubase Device Menu.

If you don’t see FL listed there, something else is wrong.

If you do, open it. It will give a little window somewhat like the VST Instruments window, but instead with the available FL outputs … none available until you open FL, of course.

Now open FL (or any slave).

Since you seem to be talking about a transport locking issue, I won’t go into making sure you’ve already setup your Rewire audio output choice in FL (or any slave) prior to attempting to Rewire.

I don’t have FL, but I have had no problem opening up other Rewire devices like Sony Acid or Ableton Live to slave them to Cubase.


Hi there,

you can only Rewire applications with the same structure, for example:

32-bit Reason 6 and 32-bit Cubase 6,
64-bit Reason 6 and 64-bit Cubase 6



Thanks, guys. I appreciate your replies, and hopefully I’ll get this problem ironed out soon. Onward and Upward.