ReWiring Reason into Cubase 7

I’m using Reason 6.5.3 and trying to ReWire into Cubase 7.0.2.

Now, I the MIDI tracks set up to use Cubase for MIDI and utilising Reason’s synths etc and the audio coming back via Cubase’s ReWire channels.

However, just looking for some advice. In ReWiring, channel 1 and 2 of Reason (the Master out) is grouped into one ReWire audio channel in Cubase. However, the rest are split into separate audio tracks. Is there any way to group 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8 etc, just the same as 1 and 2 are?

If not, what is the best solution to be able to have proper stereo sound coming from Reason through to a stereo out in Cubase?

No there is no way to create stereo channels that behave like outputs 1/2 in Rewire. However all you need to do is to plug in the L/R of a Reason instrument into the relevant channels ie 3 & 4 in the hardware interface (press tab to see the connections). Enable the rewire channels in Cubase, link the left and right channels together and job done.

One top tip is remember to save Cubase before you close Reason. Otherwise Rewire forgets what was connected to each channel.

“Enable the rewire channels in Cubase, link the left and right channels together and job done.”

Thanks for the tip, but you did not say how to do this…

RTFM you lazy git.

You want to enable the extra rewire channels in Cubase, then in order to get them to behave like a single channel, pan the odd one left and the even one right and send the output of both to a single stereo group channel. Then treat the group channel as the normal mixing channel in Cubase for that pair. In other words, you’ll have 3 channels in Cubase to handle this one stereo pair. Two rewire from Reason, and the one stereo group channel.

SB is ignoring Reason users here. You cannot have more than a single instance of Rewire (unlike earlier Cubase version).

If you want to add a new sound modules and route to Cubase you have to

  • add 2 mono rewire tracks
  • add a group
  • pan and send to the group

(as opposed to simply adding 1 single new stereo instance).

Try setting up a new template for 16 stereo modules, that means Cubase must use 32 rewire channels and 16 busses… It’s ridiculous.


I just got around to trying to ReWire Reason 7.1 into Cubase 7.5.2 and it seems like this is still the case. Before I give up, can anyone confirm that 16 stereo modules in Reason requires 32 rewire channels and 16 busses in Cubase? I just want to believe this isn’t so…!

This is a thing I find so annoying with Cubase as well. What’s frustrating is that back in the SX days, you could have multiple stereo pairs from Reason. Ableton and other DAWs let you choose any way that you want to route rewire out of Reason. I have no idea why Cubase doesn’t…

I also think that it would be great to see that function back. It was so convenient in SX3 and doesn’t exist anymore since then…
Thanks in advance for the incoming update, Mr Steinberg! :wink: