rfp - how?

Sorry, this is a reoccuring question:
I have quite a lot of these dynamic markings in my source, which I would like to replicate.

The correct name of rfp might be rinforzandopiano or rinforzatopiano.
How can I put it into the score with Dorico?
fp with a prefix ‘r’ = rfp - or a rf with a suffix ‘p’ = rfp does not give a good result. Also manually moving a p and the rf next to each other doesn’t look right.
I might be I overlooking something?

You might find that defining a playing technique using Engrave > Playing Techniques and setting its default placement to below the staff is the best approach for the time being.

Daniel, I used the Playing Technique Editor, choose Glyphs and then put a fp and r together.
It was quite easy actually, thank you.

composite glyph rfp.png

edit: redundant post - k_b figured it out.

or this way round :slight_smile:

thanks anyway!