rhythm changes during pasting

I tried to copy and paste the lower rhythm into the upper staff. Why do the rhythms suddenly change? And why are the three different pitches not respected?

You’re trying to copy from one instrument to a percussion kit. A percussion kit is not one instrument; it’s basically a condensation of multiple instruments. Basically you need to copy and paste the tuplets to each of the three percussion instruments separately, then fill out the notes. I wouldn’t expect there to be a particularly good way of automating this process…

I’m guessing the original cause of this is trying to import a percussion staff from MusicXML or MIDI, but Dorico didn’t recognize what it was.

Try making two “pitched instrument” copies of the original staff. Filter out one pitch of notes on each staff and delete the rest. Then copy each staff to a single percussion instrument, and finally reassemble them into a percussion kit.

There might be a “quicker” way, but “slow and simple” can end up taking less time than looking for a clever solution.

Thanks Leo. Yes its from musicxml, but it’s for temple blocks, so there really are five different “pitches” that need to be maintained.

I should be clear that my biggest problem here is the rhythm. Why is it changed?

I think the problem is that when you paste onto a percussion kit, there are many underlying instruments, and the tuplet structure needs to be created on all of the instruments. The screenshot is too small to really be able to see (allow me to repeat, once more, that it’s so much easier to diagnose these problems when you provide a project, and not just a picture of the project, and you will score extra bonus points if you take the extra time to provide a minimal case) but my guess is that you are ending up with some of the notes being scaled incorrectly into the later tuplets. If you want me to take a proper look, please take the time to produce a minimal example (e.g. just those bars in just those instruments) and we can look into it further.

Thank you for your reply, Daniel, it is much appreciated. Here is a trimmed down version of the file. I copied the part from the staff called “source” (originally “temple blocks” in sibelius) into the 5 temple block staves.
tuplets2.7z (590 KB)

Thanks for providing this example. This looks like a manifestation of an existing problem we are aware of concerning copying and pasting material with tuplets onto or between percussion kits. I’ve added your example to the existing bug report in our tracker and the issue is on our backlog to be addressed at a later date.